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Belgian Sugar Waffle : Discover the delights with L’Atelier de Mady

Are you ready to discover the authenticity of traditional Belgian sugar waffles with L’Atelier de Mady? Prepare delicious Liège waffles at home! With our high-quality ingredient pack, you will delight both young and old taste buds. Whether you’re a passionate amateur or a culinary professional, this kit provides everything you need to succeed in making these sweet waffles.

L’Atelier de Mady : your partner for authentic Belgian sugar waffles

Our L’Atelier de Mady ingredient pack includes all the essential elements to create Liege waffles. It contains a 2kg bag of waffle mix and 700g of premium pearl sugar. This small sugar pearl is the key ingredient that gives Liège waffles their irresistibly crispy texture and characteristic sweetness.

Guaranteed Quality: Indulge in Pearl Sugar Waffles

L’Atelier de Mady prioritize the quality of ingredients. That’s why our pack consists of carefully selected ingredients, ensuring an authentic taste experience and perfect results with every preparation. To complete the process, you’ll need to add butter, yeast (fresh or dry), and water according to the provided instructions.

With L’Atelier de Mady, you can be confident that your Liège waffles will have the taste and texture worthy of the finest belgian pastry shops.

Simplicity and Deliciousness: Easily Prepare Pearl Sugar Waffles

The preparation is simple and quick. Just follow the instructions provided in our L’Atelier de Mady ingredient kit. Mix all the ingredients (except the sugar) to obtain a soft and aromatic batter. Then generously add the pearl sugar, which will caramelize during cooking, creating delicious crispy bits inside each waffle. Once the batter is ready, use your favorite waffle iron to cook the Liège waffles until they achieve a beautiful golden color.

A Culinary Journey: Embark on a Belgian Adventure

Whether you want to indulge with your family or add a gourmet touch to your menu, L’Atelier de Mady sugar waffle ingredient kit is the ideal option. With every bite, you’ll be transported to the lively streets of Liège and Brussels, where these sweet delights have been enjoyed for generations.

Order and Enjoy the Authenticity of Belgian Sugar Waffles

So, don’t miss the opportunity to prepare delicious Liege waffles with pearl sugar at home.

Order our high-quality ingredient pack L’Atelier de Mady. We offer fast deliveries in France, Belgium, and throughout Europe (rest of the world on request). You’ll receive your ingredient set quickly and directly to your doorstep, immersing yourself in the world of authentic Belgian sugar waffles. Additionally, we provide secure payment options for online purchases.

All our waffle makers and ingredients can be ordered through our online store, E-Shop

L'Atelier de Mady : pack d'ingrédients pour gaufres de Liège