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Choosing the perfect waffle iron : a comprehensive guide

When you’re looking for the perfect professional cast-iron waffle maker for your establishment, making the right choice is essential to ensure top-quality waffles that will delight your customers. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you select the ideal waffle maker for your specific needs. Whether you want to offer sweet, savoury or a variety of waffles, find out how to choose the waffle maker that will make the difference to your customers’ satisfaction.

Choosing the perfect waffle


Before choosing your waffle maker, the first thing to consider is the type of waffle you want to offer your customers: sweet, savoury or a variety of both. Sweet waffles are the most traditional and popular, such as the famous Liège waffle with pearl sugar, known for its soft, caramelised texture. Or the Brussels waffle, lighter and crispier, with larger pockets ideal for delicious sweet toppings.

And let’s not forget the delicious fruit-filled waffles or the buttery ‘4/4’ waffles, which offer an excellent packaging solution. These waffles are often enjoyed cold, either in your establishment or as a delicious takeaway treat. Although less well known abroad, they are a customer favourite.

If you are looking to innovate and surprise your customers, savoury waffles are a gourmet and unique option. Imagine waffles filled with gooey cheese and crispy ham, topped with grilled vegetables or smoked salmon. With the ability to use local and seasonal ingredients, the possibilities are endless for creating savoury waffles that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

In fact, it’s important to note that each professional waffle maker has a specific plate for each type of waffle. Non-interchangeable plates ensure a better distribution of heat, guaranteeing optimal cooking and perfect texture for each waffle.

Waffle Iron Criteria

To ensure that the waffle iron meets the specific needs of your business, several essential criteria must be taken into account.

Authentic Cast Iron Material

Unlike other competing brands that claim to offer “cast iron”, our waffle irons are made from real steel cast iron (not aluminium). While aluminium is lightweight and strong, it doesn’t retain heat as effectively as traditional cast iron. Cast iron is the preferred choice for professional waffle making due to its high thermal conductivity, ability to maintain consistent heat and exceptional durability. Choosing a cast iron waffle iron ensures even cooking and unparalleled durability.

Cooking capacity

The number of waffles your iron can make at one time is crucial. Our models have cooking plates for 2 or 4 waffles, depending on your production needs. Starting with two 2-waffle models is often recommended for flexibility. One can cook, while the other can be used to reheat or cook at the same time. If you choose a single 4-waffle model, you must always use all 4 cooking zones to prevent unused zones from caramelising batter and sugar residue.

Plate size and format

The size and shape of the cooking plates not only affect the appearance of your waffles, but also their taste. Choose plates that suit your preferences and the culinary offerings of your establishment.

Technical features

thermostatic controller
  • Thermostat: should be easily adjustable from 50°C to over 220°C, ideally reaching up to 300°C for burn-off and cleaning.
  • Switch and cooking indicator: the presence of a light indicator when the desired temperature is reached is advantageous.
  • Power (wattage): unlike household waffle irons made of aluminium and Teflon, a professional cast iron waffle iron doesn’t require extremely high wattage due to the excellent heat retention properties of cast iron.
  • Voltage (country specific): check the voltage required for your country. We’re here to guide you and provide the necessary voltage information for your region.

Choosing a rotating model improves cooking by spreading batter and sugar evenly. All our waffle makers have this feature. For liquid batter, the ability to rotate is essential to ensure even batter distribution on both sides for optimum cooking. Although not essential for thick batter, this feature can be beneficial.

Waffle maker dimensions

Ensure that the dimensions of the waffle iron match your workspace to ensure practical and comfortable use.

Ease of use and maintenance

User-friendliness and ease of maintenance for your waffle iron are essential for smooth daily operations. Opt for a model with removable cleaning trays, making post-use cleaning significantly easier. A user-friendly design will make waffle preparation more enjoyable and efficient for you and your staff.

Additional accessories from the manufacturer

Inquire about additional accessories offered by the manufacturer. Some professional waffle makers may come with specific cleaning tools, performance-enhancing accessories, or spare parts. These extras can contribute to enhancing your overall experience with the waffle iron and making the most of it.

Tips for choosing the right number of irons for your activity

Production capacity

Determine whether waffles will be the main product of your business or an addition to your existing menu. Then assess the footfall and expected demand for waffles in your business. If waffles are a significant part of your sales, it may be wise to invest in several waffle makers to speed up cooking and avoid delays. If waffles complement your menu, one waffle maker may be sufficient.

Budget and return on investment

Set a realistic budget for the purchase of your professional waffle iron. Remember that quality and durability are essential elements for exceptional long-term results. Also consider the return on investment by assessing how many waffles you need to sell to recoup your initial investment. Due to the favourable margins associated with waffle sales, the return on investment is generally quick.

Seasonal and event adaptability

Consider seasons and special events when choosing the number of waffle makers. If your establishment experiences peaks during certain times of the year, such as year-end or local festivals, consider investing in additional waffle irons to meet the increased demand. Similarly, if you are planning special events or promotions involving waffles, make sure you have the capacity to meet demand during these periods. This flexibility allows you to maximise sales and retain customers, even during special occasions.

Ideal solution for businesses with staff

A waffle maker in cast iron is ideal for businesses with staff. Its design ensures ease of use, quick cleaning and exceptional durability. With its sturdy construction and heat retention capacity, your team can efficiently produce exceptional waffles time after time. A wise investment to optimise kitchen efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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In summary

Selecting the ideal professional waffle iron for your business requires careful consideration and assessment of your specific needs. Factors such as the type of waffles you offer, production capacity based on your business’s demand and budget are all important to consider. The quality and durability of your choice will have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and the success of your business.

We’re here to guide you through this process to ensure you can offer outstanding waffles and meet your customers’ expectations, whatever they may be. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.