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Points of sale dedicated to belgian waffles

All over the world and in Belgium there are several business dedicated to waffles. Sweet or salted waffles have the advantage that they can be enjoyed at any time of the day: breakfast, diner, dessert, snack or just for pleasure. Discover a list of business suitable for the famous Belgian waffles.

Waffle-Shop | Tea-Room | Ice-cream seller

These establishments offer great visibility and all the comfort with seats to enjoy a Liège or Brussels waffle, a fruit waffle, pancakes, ice cream, … A location and a concept chosen with care contributes to the success. The comfort of your facilities allows you to be creative and to create waffles and pancakes in savory or sweet versions. So you will offer good homemade products in classic or completely original version.
An additional asset is a shop window overlooking a pedestrian street. The attracting smell which comes from the waffle iron during the cooking could be the best advertising. It quickly spreads outside and attracts many customers.

Restaurant | Hotel

Belgian waffles can really be an added value for the menu. It is savored at each meal especially when waffles are generous. So be creative with some fresh toppings (ice-cream, fruits, whipped cream, …).

Liege waffle with banana

Food-Truck & Trailer

For some years now the Food-Truck is meeting some success around the world. It offers great mobility and many possibilities of locations : private or public events, markets, … It has also the asset of settling in crowded places which are more difficult to access: public places, in front of a station or an exit from department stores and factories, … On the market there are non-motorized Food-trucks installed on a drawbar (trailer) or motorized models.

Food truck & waffles

Mobile counter

The counter is undoubtedly the smallest sale point of all. It requires less space and investment. It can be set up occasionally or recurrently in several places : market, flea market, gallery, supermarket, in front of a shop window, etc.

Comptoir mobile

Commercial kiosk

The kiosk is a fixed sale point intended to be installed in shopping malls, markets, at the corner of a street, … This permanent counter allows to install more equipment than the mobile counter.



Bakery & Pastry

Most of belgian bakers offer different type of waffles in their counter. The artisan bakes waffles overnight and offers them in the early morning to the delight of his customers. The artisanal fruits-filled waffles, liege waffles, thin waffles are the specialties found in many business.

Bakery & Pastry


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