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Savory waffle with filling (mix)

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    500 waffles
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Discover the simplicity of gourmet cooking with our mix for filled savoury waffles. Our high-quality ingredient mix is carefully crafted to enable you to prepare delicious savory waffles in no time. It’s the ideal option for culinary professionals looking for a quick and delicious solution.

Gaufre fourrée avec des ingrédients salés


  • Quality ingredients: our mix contains top quality ingredients, carefully selected to guarantee the authentic flavour of your savoury waffles.
  • Quick & easy to use: this mix allows you to prepare delicious savoury waffles in record time, saving precious time in the kitchen.
  • Long shelf life: With a 12-month shelf life from the date of manufacture, you can be sure that your stock will remain fresh and ready to use.
  • Practical packaging: Each bag of mix weighs 25 kg, ideal for regular use in a professional environment.

Savory waffles with filling

Savory waffles are versatile delights. Whether you want to serve them as a starter, a main course or a snack, your culinary creativity is the only limit when preparing these recipes. This mix allows you to create a variety of delicious filled savory waffles:

  • Melting cheese waffle
  • Ham and gruyère waffle
  • Mushroom and bacon waffle filled with sauce
  • Bacon and egg waffle
  • Tomato and mozzarella waffle
  • Chicken and pesto waffle
gaufre salee fourree de champignons lardons


The full recipe is available on our Recipes page to help you make the most of our waffle mix and create a variety of delicious savoury waffles.

Ordering and delivery


You can order our filled savory waffle mix bags from our Ampi® Eshop or you can contact us.

For bulk orders or quotes, please contact us by filling in the form below. Once you have placed an order, you have the choice of delivery, either in Belgium or abroad, or collection directly from our workshops. Our full address is available on our contact page.

Taste our savory waffle with filling

You can taste the quality of our filled savoury waffles made from this mix thanks to our 2kg trial format. Order this packaging quickly and easily from our E-Shop to discover the exquisite taste of our filled savoury waffles.

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