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Liege waffle mix


Type Liege waffle -

  • Number of waffles

    Depends of the weight
  • Taille de la gaufre

  • Thickness of waffles


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The mix is a blend for the preparation of authentic Liège waffles.

Developing a recipe takes a lot of time and investment but by using this mix it allows you to make easier and faster quality waffles.
Add the few necessary ingredients, butter, yeast & pearl sugar, and get the freshness of a traditional Liege waffle.

We sell this mix developed by the world leader in pearl sugar “Couplet Sugars“.

liege waffle mix sack 25kg

Discover below the features and the recipe (also available on video).


  • Shelf-life : 12 months from date of production.
  • Packaging : sack of 25 kg
  • Ingredients : mix, butter, yeast, pearl sugar c40 & water

Estimated production (for 25kg)

  • 60g waffle dough : 950 waffles (38 waffles/kg of mix)
  • 80g waffle dough : 725 waffles (29 waffles/kg of mix)
  • 100g waffle dough : 575 waffles (23 waffles/kg of mix)
  • 120g waffle dough : 475 waffles (19 waffles/kg of mix)

L’Atelier de Mady

If the 25 kg quantity is too large, we recommend the L’Atelier de Mady box (mix of Liège waffles + pearl sugar) in a 2.7 kg package.

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  • Mix – Liege waffle : 1000g
  • Water : 375g
  • Fresh yeast : 60g
    (or dry yeast: 20g)
  • Butter ou Margarine : 400g
  • Pearl sugar C40 : 460g

Do you want order pearl sugar C40?
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  1. Mix slowly the water, the yeast and the Liege waffle mix.
  2. Add and mix the butter until to have a homogeneous dough.
  3. Without too much kneading, add the pearl sugar C40.
    Advice : Dough’s temperature should be at 27°C
  4. Divide and form dough balls : from 70 grams to 120 grams.
  5. At ambient temperature let stand the dough for 60 minutes.
    When using a proofer room : ± 60 min. at 29°C – 85% R.H.


  • Cooking temperature : +/- 180°C.
  • Cooking time : ± 2 min 30

Recipe in video

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Testing the product

It is possible to test the quality of Liege waffles mix in a 2kg format.
Order this packaging quickly and easily through our E-Shop (Liege waffle mix 2kg).

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