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Pearl Sugar


Type Pearl sugar C40 -

  • Number of waffles

    Depends of the weight
  • Taille de la gaufre

  • Thickness of waffles


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You can order pearl sugar c40 sacks directly from our Ampi® e-shop.

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The pearl sugar is really important to make the best authentic Liege Waffle. This typical belgian ingredient caramelize and form a crispy, crunchy and golden coating to the waffle or on your bakery and pastry products.

We sell pearl sugar C40 from Couplet Sugars who is the producer & leader on the pearl sugar market. It is for a good reason these pearls are present in the most part of Liege waffle tasted in the world.

Here are the necessary information about it.

Quality & Benefits

  • Optimal hardness
    After the baking the pearl sugar keeps the majority of its hardness in order to have a crunchy sweet waffle.
  • No sugar dust
    The pearl has been cleared of sugar dust to leave no deposit in your bag. Moreover a non-dusted sugar leads to have quicker residues release in the cast iron cooking plates.
  • Shelf-life: pearl sugar being in the category of sugars in solid form, is not subject to mention a date of minimum durability.
  • Halal & Kosher certificated
  • Guaranteed without OGM

Gaufre de Liège – Sucre perlé


  • Pearl sugar caliber C40: pieces of 6 to 9,5 mm
  • Packaging: bag of 25 kg
  • Storage conditions: 12-30°C  – Avoid thermal shocks – Max humidity: 65%

Proportion & Quantity

Between 400-500 grams of pearl sugar by kg of flour or waffle mix.


At the end of the recipe and before to let rise the dough, mix carefully the pearl sugar.

Order & Delivery

  • No minimum order
  • Shipping in the most countries of the world

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