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Essential equipment for making and selling waffles

Here is the most useful material, the list of quality equipment for a successful preparation and sale of waffles but also more profitable if you intend to prepare and sell waffles in your business.

Waffle maker in cast iron

gaufrier professionnel en fonte

The commercial waffle maker is the essential equipment you will need to prepare waffles. The waffle maker in cast iron is designed to cook high quality waffles with even cooking. It allows a constant production speed to obtain crispy, golden and caramelized waffles. It is also an appliance with excellent durability, they are made with materials that are resistant to wear and tear and time.

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Waffle fork

The waffle fork is an indispensable tool for removing waffles after baking. We recommend choosing a stainless steel waffle fork, which is more heat resistant. You also avoid the risk of burns.

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Cleaning Tools

The scraper is a highly important cleaning tool for maintaining cast iron plates in a good state of cleanliness and preventing waffles from sticking. Due to the quick buildup of sugar residue or waffle batter in the cast iron mold, the scraper is an almost indispensable utensil.

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outil de nettoyage pour entretenir un gaufrier pro

Spatula or large knife

A stainless steel spatula helps easily remove a Brussels waffle without damaging it or getting burned (see video). It is also useful for dividing and shaping your dough for Liège waffles.

Easy Release Spray

The baking release spray is designed to facilitate the release of cooked waffles. It allows the waffles to easily detach from the waffle iron without breaking or sticking. It promotes efficient waffle production, saving you time between each batch.

Cooking Utensils

You will need kitchen utensils to prepare your waffle dough: bowls, containers, whisks, spoons, knives, etc.

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Professional Pastry Mixer

The professional pastry mixer, or dough kneader, is a mixer designed to be highly efficient and fast, allowing you to prepare large quantities of waffle batter in record time. The mixing and kneading attachments ensure a uniform dough consistency, resulting in waffles with the same texture and flavor. Additionally, professional mixers are built to withstand intensive use and high production volumes.

For sugar waffles, the “hook” attachment with a corkscrew shape is required. It is ideal for dough with yeast and prevents crushing of large sugar chunks.

For Brussels waffles, the “whisk” attachment is necessary, either for recipes with egg whites or to mix the ingredients evenly.


Pétrin mélangeur bateur robot patisserie gaufre


The refrigerator preserves fresh ingredients necessary for preparing your waffle dough. The main fresh ingredients for waffles include butter (or margarine), fresh yeast, eggs, and milk.

Food Packaging

Food packaging is essential for presenting and serving waffles to your customers.

For quick consumption waffles, those consumed on-site or while walking, it is important to serve them on heat-resistant cardboard or parchment paper. This facilitates consumption and reduces the risk of burns for your customers.

For waffles purchased to-go and eaten at home, pack them in a sealed plastic or cardboard bag to maintain freshness.

Counter or Display Stand

Placed outside or in front of your customers, it also serves as a storage space for your dough, packaging, and accessories, keeping everything within reach and saving you time.

If it has wheels, it can be brought out when weather permits, allowing you to interact with passersby on the street. In some cases, it can also be moved to serve waffles at clients’ locations, such as for birthday parties.

Proofing Chamber

The proofing chamber is not essential, but it can be a highly useful equipment for professionals producing large quantities of waffles. The fermentation chamber allows you to control temperature and humidity, creating optimal conditions to accelerate and enhance fermentation, resulting in consistent texture and taste across all waffles. By using a proofing chamber, you can schedule your production in advance, helping to avoid delays and ensuring that waffle orders are ready on time.

Proofing Chamber for Waffle Batter

Bakery divider

The bakery divider is a machine used to divide dough into equal portions. It saves a lot of time and effort compared to manual division. It can be quite expensive to purchase and should be considered if you produce a significant amount of your own dough. Those who buy frozen dough or pre-cooked waffles may not find this machine useful, as it is also bulky.

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