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Waffle maker cleaning process : potato starch – Tip n°2

If you used to work with a commercial waffle maker in cast iron on a daily basis, you know how quickly the baking plates become clogged with residues. Indeed, baking waffles causes a lot of dough and caramel residues. It is important to keep a waffle maker in cast iron in a clean condition. The condition of the appliance influences its performance and the quality of the baked waffles.

We recommend an additional way than the Ampi® cleaning scraper.
Potato starch is a cleaning solution for an easy and very effective daily maintenance! It’s a natural, inexpensive ingredient that you can easily obtain.

The cleaning process is to use a dough made of potato starch + water. It easily removes residues of sugar, caramel and dough in the plates. Estimated time: 10-15 minutes.

  1. Set the temperature of the waffle maker to 220°C-240°C (428°F-464°F) and let it reach.
  2. Meanwhile mix ingredients : 120g of potato starch for 200ml of water. The mixture is liquid.
  3. Open the waffle maker, pour the mix on baking plates A and B. Let the dough swell and thicken until no liquid is visible, then close the waffle maker during 5 minutes.
  4. Open the waffle maker. Remove and throw away the potato starch dough which will have absorbed the residues from the baking plates.


We recommend that you do this procedure when the production is finished, before switching off the appliance. In this way, the machine will be in good condition to cook the next waffles.

If there’s a quiet time during the day and the waffle maker is clogged, we advice to execute this last procedure and do not wait until the end of service to carry out this very useful operation.

Do not forget

Do not forget to grease the waffle maker when starting the next baking.

Effective ingredient to clean a waffle maker

Potato starch is available in all types of commerce. It is a natural and cheap ingredient that easily helps to keep a commercial waffle maker in an impeccable state of cleanliness. But please remember that it’s also important to use the scraper.