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Easily clean a commercial waffle maker

The scraper is an accessory made specifically for commercial waffle makers AMPI®. The tool is designed to facilitate the cleaning of the waffle machine. It helps to collect residues (pearl sugar, dough and caramel) accumulated in the cooking plate.

How to use this cleaning tool with a waffle maker in cast iron?

This cleaning tool should be used every time you use your waffle iron. As often as possible and during the cooking when you take out the baked waffle. We recommend it to perform these 3 functions:

  1. Recentre pearl sugar and caramel between two bakings
    Between two bakings and with the help of your Ampi® scraper we recommend to centre all the sugar in the middle of the baking plate (the most possible).
    Then after putting a ball of dough on your baking plate realize a 180° rotation of the machine (available for 2 waffles model Ampi®) in order to extract the sugar with the next waffles. The additional benefit is that it will give a crispy, crunchy and a golden coating to your waffles.
  2. Remove sugar and caramel between two cookings
    You can also extract directly the sugar from the waffle maker mold by using a wet towel.
  3. Clean the waffle iron mold at the end of the day
    When you finish to work and the waffle maker is off but still lukewarm, wrap the scraper with a wet towel and realize a cleaning between the teeth to remove residues (pearl sugar, dough and caramel).

Tips and tricks
When you pull waffles out of the baking mold the scraper enable to remove the waffles from the fork and thereby avoiding to touch waffles with hands.

Discover the short demonstration video


We offer several models of scrapers according to the waffle maker mold (or baking plate):

A doubt? Do not hesitate to contact us! We’ll guide you in your choice.
Find all Ampi scrapers through our webpage “Our Products”  in “Accessories” range.


This utensil is therefore essential when you’re using a professional waffle maker Ampi. It is really important to keep the waffle iron clean for ease of use and to meet food standards!

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