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Pearl sugar : the traditional ingredient of the Liege waffle

The pearl sugar is probably one of the most important ingredient that gives this typical taste and crunchy to the Liege Waffle. When you choose a quality pearl sugar it is essential for a tasty Liege waffle but it’s just as important for the use of a waffle maker in cast iron.

Here is below information about the pearl sugar’s leader “Couplet Sugars”:

Quality & Advantages 

As already said the quality of the pearl sugar offers reals advantages for your Liege waffle but also for your commercial waffle maker.

The pearl sugar need to be a rounded pearl with an excellent toughness. This feature allows the sugar to not melt during the baking and have a crunchy waffle.
Thanks to this hardness and the lack of dust on the granulated sugar the pearl leaves also less residues in your waffle baker during cooking. So it’s really useful for the baking plates which will get dirty slower.

Advices for use

  1. Implementation
    The pearl sugar is incorporated into the waffle dough without too much kneading after the first rise of the dough. After this step a second rise of the dough is necessary before cooking.
  2. Quantity
    The quantity of pearl sugar for the Liege waffle depends on own taste. Nevertheless abroad this quantity is subject to a variation according to local eating habits. Do not hesitate to taste and ask the opinion of your customers.
  3. Preservation
    The granulated sugar is kept in a perfect dry and temperate room.

Size & Range

Pearl sugar for Liege waffles

There are many dimensions and types in the range of pearl sugar for pastries and sweets. 3 types of pearl sugars are availables:

  1. Traditional pearl sugar with following dimensions: C35, C40 or C45.
  2. Chocolate pearl sugar
    It is a pearl sugar coated with a thin layer of chocolate. He has 2 benefits: it will bring a crunchy chocolate flavor during the tasting and you don’t need to add chocolate pieces so this is one step less.
  3. Organic pearl sugar B40

For the Liège waffle, we recommend the pearl sugar C40 : 6.0 to 9.5 mm

Couplet Sugars is a belgian producer of sugar specialities since more than 170 years. Among their products they produce this famous pearl sugar that we find in various pastries. He’s the world leader of pearl sugar and his sugar is present in the majority of Liege Waffles savouring in Belgium or in the world (around 3 Liege waffles out of 4 to be specific). The Couplets Sugars’s pearl sugar is Halal, Kosher and without GMO.

Order & Delivery

As an official distributor of Couplet Sugars, we offer a solution for your supply of pearl sugar C40.
We do deliveries abroad and in Belgium, or you can collect your order in our office.
For any order or quotation, do not hesitate to contact us with the requested information and the desired quantity.

If you’re looking to get an alternative for your Liege waffles production, we can also supply a Waffle Mix by Couplet Sugars.