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Benefits of using waffle mix

Waffle mix are very interesting products for people who are looking for fresh, homemade waffles. If you are interested in a recipe with the authentic taste of a quality waffle, the waffle mix meets this demand. In recent years, the variety has increased considerably: Liege waffles, Brussels waffles, … There are various reasons for using a waffle mix, we explain the benefits of using this innovative baking product.

What is a waffle mix?

The waffle mix is composed of a mixture of dry ingredients, mainly wheat flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, flavourings and enzymes. There are mix for every type of waffle: Liège waffle, Brussels waffle, salted waffle, stick waffle, bubble waffle, lolly waffle, …

How to use a waffle mix?

The process of a waffle mix can be different. Some mix can include all the ingredients and you only need to add water.
Other mix offer the possibility to select specific ingredients such as butter and yeast. The latter method offers the possibility to control an additional quality and the cost price of your waffles.

The quality of the waffle mix

As explained above, there are many types on the market today. The qualities and methods of preparation are varied. In our Ampi® range, we exclusively offer quality preparations for Brussels and Liège waffles.
After tasting a large number of brands, Ampi® waffle mix are without doubt among the best.They are not the cheapest on the market, but they certainly have the best value for money.

Reasons to use a waffle mix

1. Original recipe

It usually takes months or years of research to find a recipe for the most suitable waffle. This way, you save time and get an elaborate waffle preparation that maintains the authentic taste of the original recipe. It has been developed to please the largest number of waffle lovers.

2. Production regularity

The great advantage is that it ensures consistent waffle quality. This consistency guarantees optimum production, so that raw material losses are minimised and the cost price is accurately calculated. In addition, this consistent quality makes it easier for you to retain customers.

3. Production flexibility

The mix includes a set of ingredients that makes it easy and efficient to work with. In fact, you save a considerable amount of time on certain stages of production, which is very comfortable.

4. Ease of storage and shelf life

The mix bag can be stored for a long time (9 months from the date of production) and under normal storage conditions (5-25 °C and max. 65 % relative humidity), simply by avoiding thermal shocks. In addition, it reduces the number of stored goods to minimise raw material losses.

Ampi waffle mix

The Ampi® range currently offers professional quality waffle mix. These are the preparations for the two most famous Belgian waffles, which are a worldwide success:

  1. In partnership with Couplet Sugars, a 25kg waffle mix for authentic Liege waffles.
    Prices and orders are available on the Liege waffle mix product sheet.
  2. The ingredients box for Liege waffles from L’Atelier de Mady. It contains 2kg of waffle mix and 700g of pearl sugar.
  3. 10kg waffle mix for traditional Brussels waffles.
    Prices and orders are available on the Brussels waffle mix product sheet.

For more information on Ampi® waffle mix, please contact us via or via the Contact page.

Liege waffle with pearl sugar