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Features and benefits of a commercial waffle maker

You are a baker, a pastry chef, a restaurateur, waffle-shop owner, … or simply a passionate who is looking for a waffle maker able to meet your expectations (performance, ease of use & cleaning, durability, …). Our belgian cooking appliances are appreciated by the professionals from HoReCa since more than 35 years.

Description & Assets of a belgian waffle maker

An in-depth description of the components and functionalities of a waffle iron will help you to understand the added value.

Cast iron

The mould is made from massive cast iron in order to meet the requirements of a professional use. The cast iron is a cooking matieral which allows an excellent distribution and conservation of heat. A quality cast iron helps to withstand demanding environments and ensures longevity to your waffle machine. The cast iron mould can weigh until 16 kg. If you have a good use, a great and continuous maintenance of your appliance, you will use it more than 20 years like some of our clients. 

For an immediate and optimal use of the waffle maker, we apply a non-stick treatment on our cast irons (food silicone) in order to facilitate the demolding of the waffles.

Stainless steel 

The stainless steel is the essential material to be a professional cooking appliance.

It perfectly meets different needs. It’s a both solid and lightweight component which can be very convenient in the demanding environments to which the waffle iron is subjected (repeated movements, outside weather, accidental fall, …). In addition to his durability, the stainless steel can be easily cleaned and especially quickly thanks to its smooth surface. Aesthetically speaking, its gray brushed surface can be integrated in any environment (modern, vintage, …).

Our 304L stainless steel is certified in food contact.

Ease of cleaning

We know how waffles produce a lot of residues… The dough and sugar escape from the baking plates and spread on the trays. This is why all our appliances are equiped with removable drip trays. They are easily removable from the electrical box to help the cleaning (see photo below). These trays can be washed by hand or in a dish-washer. Important: Do not put your waffle in the dish-washer.

Removable drip trays

Adapted Electrical Power  

Each one of our waffle irons has features depending on the waffles achieved. The electrical properties (watt, electrical power, …) are based on some characteristics: cooking zone dimension, cast iron thickness, type of dough (liquid or solid), cooking time, optimal cooking result, …

Tip: To not be surprised by the first client of the day, do not hesitate to switch on your waffle iron 15-20 minutes in advance. The heat will be distributed evenly on your cooking plates before the first cooking.

Rotary opening up to 180°

For our 2 waffles models, it’s also important to make a complete 180° rotation with ease. This function aims to distribute the dough and/or the sugar over the both entire cooking plates.

For the Brussels waffle, this rotary is required due to the dough which is liquid. So after pouring the liquid dough, you close your appliance and wait 5-10 seconds before turning it over. The process allows to aerate and swell the other side of the dough.

Commercial waffle maker

Rotary opening up to 180° (for 2 waffles maker model)

Thermostat , Switch button & heating indicator button

The thermostatic adjustment of our belgian waffle makers works from 50° Celsius until 300° Celsius, allowing pyrolysis mode.

Pyrolyse has the effect of burning at high temperature (300°C), the grease and the dirt present in the baking pans. We recommend following cleaning instructions on our page “Utilisation – Cleaning your Ampi waffle iron.

Voltage according to the country

Depending on the voltage in the country of use, we adapt the waffle maker to 230 volts or 110 volts.

Tip & Customer Service

We guide you in the best way possible to select the waffle iron adapted to your expectations. We can also provide information on raw materials: dough or frozen waffles, pearl sugar, …

After the purchase of the cooking appliance, we ensure customer service all along the use of the device and despite the distance that could be. Installation and repair procedures are in place to help you at best and quickly as possible from abroad.

Each spare part of a waffle maker can be ordered and delivered quickly worldwide.

Price & Guarantee

The prices of Ampi commercial waffle irons are available on our website page: Waffle makers

The value for money of our waffle makers is very attractive. As extensively developed in this article, we attach a great importance to use quality materials in order to ensure durability to our machines. Ampi customers, from more than 30 years of relationships, are always visiting us today to maintain their waffle machines. The cast iron is an almost wear-free component if it is well maintened.

Electrical components of our waffle makers are guaranteed for one year.

For any order, please contact us at, by phone +32 19 63 63 98 or directly via our contact page.

Belgian Family Production

All our waffle makers are assembled in our workshop in Belgium since 1983 by our family company. Our waffle irons are exposed in our show-room in Hannut (Province of Liège – Belgium).

We’re offering baking appliances in cast iron for a professional use and for traditional belgian waffles:

  • Brussels waffle
  • Liege waffle
  • Fruits-filled waffle / salted filled waffle
  • Cone or Thin waffle
  • Wafer / Little waffle


Established in 1983, our company has proven his reliability and durability thanks to well-known customers like chocolate-maker Marcolini, Galler, Darcis, or “Waffle Bant” overseas in South Korea. Our  family SME work on exports with short delivery times for many years: Australia, India, Middle-East, Europe and South America. Our range is ideal for bakery, tea-room, ice-cream maker, catering, food-truck, Kiosk & Corner, Waffle shop, shopping mall, marketplace, etc.


We have also a range of accessories for the use and the maintain of the waffle makers Ampi:


Our family company will be happy to welcome you and present our range of commercial waffle makers for belgian waffles.

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone to fix an appointment.

Commercial Waffle Makers

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