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History and origins of Brussels waffle: a delicious Belgian tradition

Discover the fascinating history and origin of the renowned Brussels waffle, one of the famous Belgian waffles! A culinary specialty that hails from the beautiful city of Brussels. Delve into the deep-rooted heritage of this beloved treat cherished across the centuries. Expore the traditions that have made the Brussels waffle an authentic Belgian gastronomic icon.

History and Origin

While traditional waffles have been consumed in Europe since the Middle Ages, they were generally thicker and heavier. In contrast, the Brussels waffel, with its light, crispy texture and characteristic deep pockets, has a more recend origin.

The Brussels waffle is closely associated with the city of Brussels (Belgium) but pinpointing its exact creation year remains challenging. According to some sources, the basic Brussels waffle recipe was developed in Ghent in the 18th century before gaining popularity in Brussels.
Others also attribute the Brussels waffle to Maurice Vermersch, a Brussels pastry chef, in 1842. According to this version, Vermersch presented his waffle recipe at the Brussel Universal Exhibition and met with resounding success.
However, other evidence suggests a later date, around 1864. It was during this time that the Brussels waffle gained popularity through street vendors selling waffles in the streets of Brussels.

It’s important to note that historical information about the origins of the Brussels waffle may vary, and different sources may provide differents accounts.

Emblem of Belgian Culture

Over time, the Brussels waffle has become an emblem of Belgian culture, beloved by both locals and visitors to the country. Today, Brussels waffles can be found in numerous establishments throughout the city, from small shops and tea rooms to traditional cafes.

Tourists visiting Brussels now make it a must-stop destination to savor freshly prepared waffles. Indeed, the popularity of Brussels waffles has transcended Belgium’s borders, becoming an internationnally recognized delicacy. In many countries, across Europe, North Americal, Asia, and Oceania, one can find specialized establishments selling Brussels waffles, Liege waffles, and other Belgian waffle varieties. These establishments are waffle shops, cafes, tea salons, fast-food stands, or street vendors.

The influence of media and social networks has also contributed to the popularity of Brussels waffles abroad. Tempting photos and positive recommendations shared online have drawn attention to this Belgian specialty, piquing the interest and desire to taste it for peopple all around the world.

The Brussels waffle has become a true culinary icon, embodying Belgian craftsmanship and gastronomic delight. It is a must-try in Belgian cuisine and a gustatory experience not to be missed when visiting the Belgian capital.

Traditional Brussels Waffle Recipe

The traditional Brussels waffle recipe now consists of a light and crispy batter made of flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and yeast. What sets the Brussels waffle apart is its rectangular shape and deep pockets, perfect for holding delightful sweet or savory toppings.

Looking for an authentic recipe? Prepare your homemade Brussels waffles with our mouthwatering recipe.

Pastry Mix: A Convenient Solution

To simplify the preparation of Brussels waffles, we offer a specially designed mix to replicate the authentic taste and texture of these waffles. This ready-to-use pastry mix contains all the necessary ingredients, precisely measured, to achieve superior-quality waffles. Just add water and cook the batter to obtain perfect waffles.

Moreover, for catering professionnals such as tea rooms, ice cream parlors, or cafes, using a Brussels waffle mix can be a pratical and efficient solution. This specially designed ingredient mix caters to the needs of these professional establishments, allowing them to serve authentic and delicious Brussels waffles to their customers. With this mix, you can save time and labor, preparing a top-quality batter without compromising on the taste and texture of the waffles.

Find all the necessary information about our mix for preparing Brussels waffles.

Sweet or Savory Toppings

The Brussels waffle is often served sprinkled with powdered sugar and can be accompanied by various toppings, such as fresh fruits, whipped cream, chocolate, jam, or even ice cream.

Gaufre de Bruxelles et fraises gaufrier Ampi

Furthermore, Brussels waffles are not limited to sweet toppings. They can also be elevated with savory garnishes, offering a unique culinary experience. Consider these mouthwatering combinations:

  • Melted cheese with crispy ham slices
  • Creamy scrambled eggs with grilled vegetables
  • Mediterranean toppings wih sun-dried tomatoes
  • Arugula and parmesan
  • Salmon, cream cheese, and chives

The possibilities are endless for creating savory Brussels waffles that will delight even the most discerning palates. Indulge in this new way of enjoying Brussels waffles by adding a savory touch to this Belgian specialty.

Authentic Brussels Waffle Makers

In the Ampi® range, there are two professional cast iron waffle makers specifically designed to cook authentic Brussels waffles :

  1. Waffle maker ref.52104 – 4×7 imprint:
    It cooks original Brussels waffles with 28 small holes to add your sweet and savory toppings.
  2. Waffle maker ref.52119 – 3×5 imprint:
    It creates large Brussels waffles with 15 big holes for beautiful and generous toppings.

If you are a catering professional specializing in Brussels waffles, investing in a professional waffle maker is essential. It guarantees the quality and consistency of your waffles. Our Brussels waffle makers are specially designed to meet the requirements of this iconic Belgian specialty.

Their robust design and advanced quality ensure even cooking and a crispy texture for every waffle. A professional Brussels waffle maker allows you to produce perfect waffles in terms of shape, color, and taste, fully satisfying your customers and setting you apart from the competition.

Gaufrier : Gaufre de Bruxelles (ref.52119)

Brussels waffle maker Ampi

Where to Savor Authentic Brussels Waffles?

Discover delicious Brussels waffles and other gourmet specialties on the website Explore their dedicated page to ice cream and waffles to find the best street vendors in the city: Ice-Cream & Waffles | Street vendors (

In conclusion, today, the Brussels waffle is a delectable specialty that embodies the history and culinary tradition of Brussels. It continues to delight the taste buds of waffle enthusiasts worldwide, promising a delightful future.

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