Brussels waffle mix

Gaufre de Bruxelles

Ingredients (For 20 waffles)

  • Brussels waffle mix: 1000 g

  • Water: 1300 ml


  • Step 1

    Mix the ingredients for 2 minutes until you obtain a liquid and fluid liquid dough.
    Let the dough rest for 5-10 minutes for fermentation.


  • Preheat the Ampi Brussels waffle iron ref.52119

  • Baking temperature : +/- 200°C.

  • Cooking time : +/- 3min30

  • When the waffle iron reaches the recommended temperature, pour the liquid dough onto one of the baking plates and filling the entire baking cones

  • Close the waffle iron and immediately rotate the appliance by 180°

  • Remove the waffles with a waffle fork after 3min30 of cooking