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Butter waffle : origin, waffle maker, ..

For many people, this waffle type can be a childhood memory (particularly in Belgium). These soft butter waffles perfumed the kitchens of our grandmothers with a vanilla scent and delighted our taste buds. The waffle has been passed down through the generations, we have the memory of a generous and ultra-moist flavour. Its lightness and smoothness are very much appreciated.

In Belgium, traditionally known as “Waffle 4/4” but it is also used under various names: butter waffle, soft waffle or flash waffle.

Origin of the 4/4 waffle

buttermilk waffle or soft waffle

In Belgium, the origin of the name 4/4 waffle corresponds to the identical parity of ingredients and quantity.
Indeed, it is composed of 4 main ingredients (flour, butter, sugar and eggs) which have 4 equivalent proportions.

How achieve butter waffles with success?

1. The waffle iron

The Ampi® waffle iron ref.52104 is specially designed for baking butter waffles but also small Liège waffles.

The cast iron mould has been developed to make a generous and unctuous waffle. Indeed, the cast iron plots are sufficiently spaced to favour the addition of dough and large enough to obtain a good thickness.

Complete information is available on its product sheet : Ampi® butter waffle maker ref.52104 (click here)


Buttermilk waffle makerCast iron of the buttermilk waffle maker

2. Choose the recipe

As explained in the section “Origin of the 4/4 waffle”, if we want to respect the traditional 4/4 waffle, the ingredients and quantities are as follows:

  • Flour : 1 kg
  • Butter : 1 kg
  • Sugar : 1 kg
  • Eggs : 12
  • Pinch of salt : 1
  • (vanilla sugar according to your taste)

It is useful to add a pinch of salt to act as a flavour enhancer and reveal all the flavours of your ingredients.

This original recipe can be adapted according to your/your customers taste. For example, you can reduce the amount of butter with the same amount of milk.
For the Ampi® recipe, we use 500g of butter, 500ml of milk for 1kg of flour. Discover the complete recipe on our page: Recipe – Butter waffle (click here).

An additional idea, to obtain more crunchiness and caramelisation, you can replace fine sugar by C40 pearl sugar from Couplet Sugars.

Tasting places

In Belgium, it is easily available in various businesses:

  • Bakery
  • Pastry
  • Tea-room
  • Ice-cream maker
  • Chocolate seller
  • Artisan
  • Supermarket

Find more information on the Ampi® waffle iron ref.52104 product sheet or do not hesitate to contact us.

Buttermilk waffle maker

Waffle iron ref.52104