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Selling belgian waffles in a foreign country: produce or import?

Waffles are a beloved Belgian specialty that can be easily introduced and thrive in many countries. Thanks to his international well-known you can develop a lucrative and flourishing business in many countries.

If you’re considering starting a waffle business, there are a few important points to consider. Let’s explore your options:

1. Homemade waffle in a foreign country 

One option is to make your own waffles, ensuring a unique and delicious experience for your customers. Before diving in, it’s essential to research the availability of each ingredient in the country where you plan to operate. Start by consulting local pastry and bakery suppliers. If any essential ingredients are unavailable, explore the possibility of importing them from Belgium.

Here is a list of essential ingredients for Liege waffles:

Pearl sugar

Pearl sugar is a quintessential Belgian product and a key ingredient in Liege waffles. Couplet Sugars , a Belgian company and a leading producer of pearl sugar, offers high-quality options. As an official reseller of Couplet Sugars’ pearl sugar C40, you can contact us at or through our contact page for orders or quotations.


In Belgium, baker’s yeast is typically used for waffles. It may not be readily available in all locations, so reach out to specialized pastry and bakery suppliers for assistance. Alternatively, you can use active dry yeast, but remember to adjust the dosage as it is typically 2 to 3 times less than baker’s yeast. Additionally, avoid mixing yeast and salt together, as it may affect the rising process.


The type of flour may vary by country. For waffles, it is recommended to use bakery flour (non-fermenting). This type of flour, with its optimal gluten content, helps achieve a soft and flavorful dough. Select your flour with care as it will impact the quality of your waffles.


Choosing good-quality butter is crucial for flavorful waffles. To achieve a truly delicious Liege waffle, don’t hesitate to be generous with the amount of butter. While margarine can be used as a cost-effective substitute, it will yield a different result.

Eggs & Milk

Other solution: the Liege waffle powder-mix 

If you encounter difficulties in sourcing specific ingredients, consider using Liege waffle powder mix. This convenient premix replaces several ingredients at once, such as flour, eggs, and milk. For Liege waffle powder mix, simply add water, yeast, butter, and pearl sugar. A similar premix is available for Brussels waffles. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, it’s time to test your waffles in the foreign market. During the initial phase, conduct taste tests and adapt your recipe to suit local preferences and eating habits. One significant aspect to consider is the amount of sugar in your recipe, as it may vary from country to country. Experiment and fine-tune your recipe to create a product that resonates with your customers.

Discover the complete recipe of the Liege Waffle as a starting point to learn the preparation process. Keep in mind that ingredient quantities can be adjusted based on personal taste preferences.

2. Importing frozen dough or waffles from Belgium 

Importing frozen dough or waffles from Belgium can be a viable option for those seeking to offer the authentic “Made in Belgium” Liege waffle experience. Several Belgian producers, including Gofrino, Belgaufra, and So Good, export their frozen waffles worldwide.

Frozen dough

Frozen dough is typically packaged in cardboard boxes, either in bulk or plastic containers with individual portions. The dough requires some additional steps, such as defrosting and allowing it to rise before baking. Use your Ampi commercial waffle maker, set at 180°C, to cook the dough for 3 to 4 minutes. The enticing aroma of freshly baked waffles will captivate your customers, especially in open spaces.

Frozen waffle

Frozen waffles are also available, packaged in bulk or frozen cardboard boxes at a minimum temperature of -18°C. They are almost ready to be enjoyed—simply thaw them and heat them for approximately 30 seconds at 90°C in your Ampi waffle maker. They can also be served cold.

Your waffle maker specialist

Feel free to reach out to Ampi, your specialist waffle maker, for additional advice and support for your business. We are here to assist you and contribute to your success.