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The differences between Brussels waffle and Liege waffle!

When walking through the streets of Brussels, you can smell the delicious wafts of Belgian waffles in many shops. It is difficult to resist as the flavours are so present and the visual possibilities are so numerous. There is a wide variety of waffles but the Brussels waffles and Liège waffles are everywhere thanks to their success.

Many Belgians or foreigners confuse these 2 waffles although they are opposed in many ways: history, recipe, shape, appearance, taste, cooking, tasting, waffle iron, …

History & Appellation

The Liège waffle named “gaufre de Liège” in French, is also known as “gaufre Liegeoise” (for its cinnamon flavour) or “sugar waffle” (pearl sugar). It is said to have been invented in Belgium by the cook of the Prince of the city of Liège in the 18th century. According to this legend, the Prince wanted a new delicacy that would be “something sweet and tasty“.

Shape & Aspect

Brussels waffle

Gaufre de Bruxelles

Traditionally, the Brussels waffle is rectangular characterised by fine ridges and large holes in order to add sweet garnishes (fruit, ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream, etc.). The waffle is prepared with a liquid batter to obtain a light and crispy waffle.

Historically, the Brussels waffle had 20 holes (4×5 waffle imprint). Nowadays, it is also available in different shapes: 15 holes (3×5) or 24 holes (4×6).

Liege waffle

As opposed to the Brussels waffle, the Liège waffle is oval in shape with irregular edges and is traditionally made up of 24 holes (4×6 waffle imprint).

It is prepared with pearl sugar (a Belgian ingredient) which caramelises the waffle and makes it crunchy. The waffle is made from a hard dough, commonly known as “pâton” in French, and is thick and soft.

Tastes and flavours

Brussels waffle

Gaufre de Bruxelles chocolat, bananes

Gaufre de Bruxelles chocolat, bananes

The Brussels waffle is light, airy and very crunchy, with a vanilla taste. It is more neutral in taste and lower in sugar than the Liège waffle.

However, it is very tasty when it is eaten hot with sweet ingredients: fruit, whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate, etc. And if you prefer it plain, you can sprinkle it with icing sugar (or impalpable sugar). It can also be served with salty toppings: salmon/dill, ham, cheese, bacon, etc.
If the waffle is cold, the crispy texture disappears to become a soft and a wet waffle.

This is a Belgian waffle that is interesting for food establishments, ice cream shops, tea-room, food trucks, waffle shops, …
Note that if the waffle is filled, it is easier to eat it in an establishment where there is a possibility to sit down.

Liege waffle

The Liège waffle is thick and soft, and is composed of numerous pearls of sugar (or granulated sugar) which caramelise during baking. The caramelisation gives to the waffle a a very attractive golden colour and a crunchy taste.

In Belgium, it is available in two main flavours: vanilla and cinnamon. There are also Liege waffles filled with chocolate sticks or cocoa pearl sugar. But usually, Belgians enjoy this waffle plain, without any extra filling.Unlike abroad or in Brussels for tourists, it is not uncommon to find many toppings on it, as is done with the Brussels waffle.

The sugar waffle can be enjoyed cold, warm or hot. It is a sweet product that can be easily enjoyed as a takeaway or sitting down in any type of establishment: restaurant, bakery/pastry shop, market, shop, ice-cream maker, Tea-Room, Food-truck, Waffle-Shop, … Outside the establishment, the sugar smell and the vanilla (or cinnamon) flavours coming from the waffle maker often attracts customers.


Brussels waffle

The Brussels waffle is made from a liquid dough, using the following ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, milk, yeast and vanilla sugar.
Here are the suggested recipes :

Liege waffle

The Liège Waffle is prepared from a hard dough with the following ingredients: flour, butter, yeast, eggs, milk, yeast and of course pearl sugar C40.
Discover the proposed recipes:

Commercial waffle makers

Brussels waffle maker

Brussels waffle maker in cast iron

Commercial Belgian waffle maker for Brussels waffle

The waffle iron available for the Brussels waffle is:

For the Brussels waffle, it is essential to have a full rotary waffle maker because it allows an homogeneous distribution of the batter throughout the cast iron mould.

Liege waffle maker

Brussels Waffle Maker

Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker for Brussels waffle

The waffle irons available for the Liege waffle are:

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