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Recipe for home-made Liège waffles

Liège waffles require a great deal of preparation unlike other Belgian waffles. But the result is so good! Step by step, discover how to make delicious home-made Liège waffles.


Before starting, carefully prepare each ingredient with the required quantities.
Above all, it is important to know that certain factors will influence the final quality of your waffles: the ambient temperature, the quality of the ingredients, the respect of the preparation steps, …

The quantities of ingredients listed below are based on 16 Liege waffles of 100 grams each.

  • Flour : 1000 g
  • Butter : 400 g
  • Eggs : 4
  • Tempered milk : 250 ml
  • Fresh yeast : 42 g
  • (Vanilla) fine sugar : 60 g
  • Pinch of salt : 1
  • Pearl sugar C40 : Between 400 g and 500 g
Ingredients for home-made Liège waffles


Preparation of the Liege waffle dough

Step 1

Mix the dry ingredients: flour + salt + sugar

Mix dry ingredients which are: flour, salt and (vanilla) sugar .

Vanilla sugar is a solution to flavour your pastries.
Cinnamon is also appreciated for making Liege waffles.

Step 2

preparation of the well for ingredients

After mixing the flour and sugar, prepare a well in the centre.

Step 3

Liège Waffle: Milk and yeast

Stir fresh yeast into the tempered milk. Mix until the yeast dissolves.

Step 4

Mixing ingredients for Liège waffles

In the centre of the well, pour the eggs, milk and yeast (mixed previously).
Using a blender, mix until a homogeneous dough is obtained.

Etape 5

Add the butter

After obtaining a homogeneous paste, add the butter (slightly softened).
Mix until a compact and homogeneous dough is formed.

Step 6

The Liege waffle dough and pearl sugar

After obtaining a well homogenous dough, add one of the key ingredients of the Liège waffle: pearl sugar C40.
Then, mix by hand without kneading too much or with a blender (slow speed, with a pastry hook), so as not to break or damage the pearls.

Step 7

Liege waffle dough pieces

Divide the dough (weight of your choice) and roll it into dough pieces.
Then let them rest and rise so that they double in volume (at least 1 hour at ambient temperature).
Tip: The ideal temperature of the dough should be ± 27°C, so that the yeast acts optimally.

Cooking Liege waffle dough pieces

Step 1

Switch on and preheat the Ampi® waffle iron to 180°C.
Tip: It takes 20-30 minutes to preheat an Ampi® waffle iron.

Step 2

When the waffle maker reaches baking temperature, place the dough pieces in the centre of the imprint.
The recommended baking time is 2min30 to 3min.

Step 3

Baking Liege waffles

Liege waffles with Ampi Waffle Maker ref.52126


Carefully remove the Liège waffles with a waffle fork.
All that remains is to enjoy delicious home-made waffles.

Ampi® waffle makers

The waffle makers recommended for baking Liège waffles are as follows :

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